bo rosenmüller | casting director

the german casting director boriana rosenmüller was born in bulgaria as a daughter of two musicians. at the age of three she emigrated with her family to eastern germany where she grew up in saxony. her parents worked at the theatre so since her childhood she was surrounded by actors, artists and directors.

after the fall of the berlin wall she moved to munich and started her career in media business. her first steps where at the german broadcaster pro7. later on she worked for companies like helkon media, movie makers, g.a.t. filmproduction, grundy ufa and kinofilm muenchen in different departements behind the camera.

2005 she started to work as a freelance casting director. since then she casts feature films, tv blockbuster and series across all genres: horror movies as well as political thriller, crimes, dramas or romantic comedies.

her native german and bulgarian skills and her good connection to sofia are her additional plus.

cd bo rosenmüller lectures at the institute for acting, film and tv (isff), berlin university of the arts (udk berlin) and at the tankstelle (sigrid andersson). she is in the casting society of germany (BVC).